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Our website is geared towards providing innovative statistical coverage and analysis of the NBA for team executives, coaches, fans, and the media.

There are over 4,000 pages of content posted per season!

Team Specific Features
We publish five standard pages for each team, as well as pages with player pairs data, and recent plus/minus performance:

  • Floor Time Stats -- individual player plus/minus, won/lost and team offense/defense.
  • 5-Man Units -- most used five man unit combos and on court performance.
  • Team Stats -- some in depth stats including shot selection and shot clock usage.
  • Won-Lost Profiles -- team W/L records against different opponent characteristics.
  • Production by Position -- production for and against at the five player positions.
  • Player Pairs -- stats looking at team performance with each 2-man pair on court.
To access the data for a specific team, click on the team link down the left side of the home page, or find the team on the Teams page. Once you have selected a team it will take you to the Team page, with links to the five team reports down the left side. On the right side is a list of players for the team, sorted by on court versus off court team net. To see stats for a specific player, click on the player's name.

Player Specific Features
We publish five standard pages for every player for each team appeared with in a season:

Again, to reach the pages for a specific player you must first go the Team Page for that player's team, and then click on the player's name on the right side sorted list.

When you are on the page for a player you can move from one report to the next using the links near the top of the page, under the player's name:

Paul Pierce
Boston Celtics
2003-2004 NBA Season

Player Stats | 5-Man Units | By Position | On/Off Court | Clutch Play

Furthermore, we publish these team and player reports for the Regular Season games, and then have separate reports with the same information that are specific to the Playoffs.

Articles and Commentary
Along with the voluminous amounts of data and stats we provide, we also publish articles that cover a wide range of NBA statistically related topics, as well as groundbreaking research to examine the significance of the various "new" numbers we are creating.

The most recent articles are highlighted on the right side of the home page, and eventually make their way to the archive when they are replaced with even more recent work.

Some Recommendations
With so much data to look through, we often get asked what are some of the key numbers to focus on. The following lists some of the more popular and, we believe, meaningful features we've developed:

  • On Court vs Off Court data -- looking at how a team plays with and without a player gives a pretty good sense of how well that player is fitting in with the roster and gets at all of the 'little things' that current statistics don't track (setting screens, taking charges, drawing double teams, etc). Not to mention, in a case like the Shaq playoff numbers shown here, you see quickly how dominant certain players are.
  • DanVal -- taking the player influence on team performance one stage further, Dan Rosenbaum's player ratings adjust the raw on/off effect by the other players on the floor at the same time. In addition, more critical moments of a game are given heavier weight.
  • PER Difference Ratings -- Using a formula based upon John Hollinger's well crafted PER ratings, we can assess what kind of performance teams are getting at all 5 floor spots. Similarly we can take individual players, say Yao Ming, and calculate the "PER Difference" between their production and that of the counterpart on the other team.
  • Experimental Stats -- we'd be remiss if we didn't also call attention to some of the "extreme game charting" efforts that are underway, including our Defensive Box Scores (in this case from the Lakers-Wolves playoff series), or how about a breakdown of Jermaine O'Neal's Possession Efficiency by Play Type.
  • Basketball on Paper -- Dean Oliver's book should be considered 'must reading' by any serious student of the NBA game, and is the inspiration for many of the more exciting endeavors here at 82games.

Your Turn
We are an evolving enterprise and we greatly appreciate those who take the time to fill out the comment boxes at the bottom of articles, or contact us through any of the other channels. Let us know what you think, and what you would like to see!

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