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12 Reasons Why RotoEvil has the Finest NBA Fantasy Draft Guide & Analysis

Like Manute Bol, we've got you covered from top to bottom:

1) DEDICATION: We Only Cover Basketball

2) UNDERSTANDING: Where Numbers Meet Insight

3) KNOWLEDGE: In-Depth Profiles for Every Single Player

4) ACCURACY: Painstakingly Precise Projections

5) CUSTOMIZED RANKINGS: Based on Your League Rules

6) CONFIDENCE: We Make Bold Predictions with Conviction

7) FOCUS: Learn Which Players to Target & Avoid

8) PROVEN STRATEGIES: Exclusive Strategy Articles that Work

9) TRACK RECORD: We Play in Official Competitions and Win

10) CONTINUED SUPPORT: In-Season Analysis & Recommendations

11) SERIOUS SCRILLA: We Help People Win Money

12) GLOWING TESTIMONIALS: Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

1) DEDICATION: We Only Cover Basketball

Many fantasy websites cover ALL sports, and their NBA coverage is usually lower on the totem pole than their NFL and MLB stuff. That's not right. But as the owner of, it's all about hoops for me (I gave up football and baseball many years ago). When you focus on one sport only, your knowledge of that sport becomes much deeper & sharper.

That's why we're able to provide you with the finest fantasy basketball analysis available. So even if you still like following football and baseball, we remain DEDICATED TO BASKETBALL to provide you with the info & analysis that you need to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

"Eric is clearly one of the finest NBA fantasy minds around, which is why I was more than happy to have him write articles for 82games. His draft rankings in particular are outstanding."
--Roland Beech, Founder of

2) UNDERSTANDING: Where Numbers Meet Insight

Here at RotoEvil, we watch countless hours of basketball, and we know how player strengths & weaknesses on the court translate to positive & negative numbers on the statsheet. We see the game from every perspective, and we can clearly differentiate between a player's fantasy value and his real-life value. We understand how to use advanced statistics to our advantage, yet we also factor in miscellaneous variables that you can't place a value on.

Quite simply, we are number-hungry fantasy fanatics who also happen to love the NBA and understand the game of basketball. This is reflected in our product.

"Any number of fantasy experts can recite last year's stats and tell you that Kobe Bryant is a smart 1st round building block, but Eric thinks about the game, about rotations and new opportunities, and what they'll mean for the season ahead. With a combination of numbers and insight, Eric offers the kind of analysis fantasy players, and basketball fans, won't find anywhere else."
--Paul Forrester, Fantasy Sports Producer for

3) KNOWLEDGE: In-Depth Profiles for 400+ Players

In our "Team & Player Profiles" section, there are scouting reports loaded with the pros & cons, strengths & weaknesses, stat potential, role on team, style of play, and much more, for over 400 players. We analyze all the variables that will effect his fantasy value, and and we make sound suggestions on when to draft him.

After reading these Player Profiles you gain extensive knowledge of every player, and useful wisdom about each team's rotation, the position battles, and the intriguing dynamics to watch for each squad. When something important happens in preseason, we notify YOU so that you're aware of it too.

"RotoEvil stands out for their detailed analysis of all 30 teams and every player on their rosters.?strong>A lot of places just talk about the Top 250 players. RotoE goes deeper than any other site." --Nat G.

"Hi Evil E, I wanted to give you my two cents. Your analysis and advice on players and teams sets you apart from all other fantasy sites that I look at.  I've been tracking your columns since I noticed them about 3 years ago on's fantasy page. You consistently provide helpful, in-depth analysis and break down each player and position so succinctly that your reasoning for why a specific player will be great or terrible makes perfect sense (instead of other guys who say "X" player will be good, but have no real reason other than they were good last year). I have not found better information on any fantasy sport than what you have for fantasy basketball." --Matt B.

4) ACCURACY: Precise Projections

Fantasy Basketball comes down to numbers, and that's why accurate stat projections are extremely important. But when you attempt to project every single player by hand, it becomes very time consuming. That's why some of our competitors like to take the easy way out by relying on computers to make their projections for them. Sure it saves them a lot of time, but if you ask me, that's a lot of blind faith to have in a random formula.

Instead, we continue to calculate our player projections by hand, going team by team, player by player, category by category (for 23 different categories). Of course, we do tons of research and analysis along the way, often viewing 5 different windows at a time for ONE single player. Computers can't comprehend how every team and player situation is different, which is why we meticulously assess each player on a case-by-case basis. Our Precise Projections are what fuels our top-notch RotoEvil Player Rankings.

"RotoEvil has the best projections around.?I love the preseason articles too, but the stat projections & cheatsheet are 99% of the reason I subscribe." --Adam S.

"Your in-depth analysis is top notch, and it's based on research and observations, not just statistical algorithms. I'd probably go as high as $49.95 for another RotoEvil subscription." --Jericho

5) CUSTOMIZED RANKINGS: Based on Your League Rules

We provide you with several downloadable "Spreadsheet Tools," but the most popular one is our proven "Draft Tracker Tool," which assists you in a variety of ways. It utilizes our RotoEvil Ranking System, which has been tweaked and fine-tuned over the years and tells you how strong or weak each player is in each category. In addition to being the most accurate NBA fantasy Player Rater out there, it's also the most useful and effective. For starters, with a click of one button, it automatically detects the proper player positions for you depending on your league service (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS).

But this year we've also added a powerful new feature which allows users to input all of their league's scoring categories. Do you play in a 15-category Roto league that includes cats like offensive & defensive rebounds, assist/turnover ratio, personal fouls, and double-doubles & triple-doubles? No problem. Just select your league's scoring categories in the spreadsheet, and with a click of your mouse, the players are re-ranked accordingly. Do you play in a Head-to-Head (H2H) league and want to punt FT% because you plan on drafting Dwight Howard? No problem. Just a couple of mouse clicks and you get Customized Rankings that don't include FT%!

During your draft, our Draft Tracker Tool continues to assist you by monitoring your team's strengths and weaknesses in our exclusive "Team Tracker." Just type in the names of players after you draft them, and it tells you which categories you are strong in and which ones you need to improve. If it tells you that you're low on blocks, you can quickly and easily see who the top remaining shot-blockers are in your draft. Our Draft Tracker Tool was already very effective, but with our recent additions & improvements, this is now the single most BAD-ASS fantasy basketball tool/file/spreadsheet/app that you can find on the internet. Your opponents are going to be at a serious disadvantage without it!

"The draft tracker is of huge value on draft day. Being without it would affect my confidence a lot!" --Stefan A.

"I just wanted to say that I think by far the most important/unique/insightful thing that your website brings to the table is the projected rankings/stats draft tracker spreadsheet.?strong>I shudder to think of having to draft without it." --Charles C.

6) CONFIDENCE: We Make Bold Predictions with Conviction

Aren't you tired of seeing fantasy analysis that's littered with comments such as: "could be a sleeper, has sleeper potential, might be a good value pick,?em>may or may not get solid minutes, etc."?

Well here at RotoEvil, we aren't afraid to go out on a limb, and we make our comments and analysis with CONVICTION. When we feel strongly (whether positive or negative) about a certain player, we let our readers know about it, and we explain the reasons and rationale for feeling the way we do.

Many times, our analysis goes against conventional thinking, but that's the way we like it. We're not trying to be "average" like everyone else. We're trying to dominate, and we do so by going against the grain, understanding situations better than our compeititors, and by seeing things before they happen.

"I like your written analysis more than anything. I think that's your edge, because you're so thorough. Your thought process tends to be alot like mine, so if I'm torn between 2 players, I'm like: 'I wonder what Evil E would say.' Even if I may disagree on a certain player, your advice is always sound and backed with detailed analysis so I can respect it." --Aaron G.

7) FOCUS: Learn Which Players to Target & Avoid

In our "Players to Target & Avoid" section, we provide you with 80 Players to Target, as well as players to avoid or be careful of. Honestly, I think you could draft JUST by using these lists and still form a winning team. Draft day is all about making smart decisions in as many rounds as possible, and by targeting and avoiding these guys, your "smart decision %" is going to be very high.

We also help you dominate your Yahoo and ESPN/ leagues by comparing our rankings to theirs. The result is a list of "30 Overrated and 30 Underrated Players" according to both Yahoo's O-Rank and ESPN/'s preseason rankings.

"Evil - Thanks for another great year. Last season I finished third in my league, and when I looked back at the end of the year, I realized my biggest problem was not drafting more of the players you identified. This year, I won my league. Thanks again. I will definitely be a customer next year." --Andrew G.

"I got 1st place in an ESPN, 9-cat, H2H auction draft. The auction format allowed me to target a lot more of the players that I liked from E's lists, and H2H meant I could punt a category (in this case assists). Brook Lopez, Amare, Horford, Gay and Gerald Wallace were SO SOLID throughout, and Bargnani & Landry weren't at all shabby either." --Drew C.

8) PROVEN STRATEGIES: Exclusive Strategy Articles that Work

In our "Strategy Articles" section, we provide you with detailed Strategy Articles that have been proven to be successful for many of our users. Some of these include the exclusive "1+ Block, 77% FT Club" and "1+ Three, 47% FG Club" articles invented by RotoEvil, as well as our popular "Cornerstone Combos" article, which focuses on teaming up the right superstars to build a winning foundation for your fantasy team. We also have strategy articles for Auction Drafts, Trading, Contract Year Players, and more!

"I've been using your 'special club' articles the last couple of years and they definitely make a big difference. Back to back league champs!" --Josh S.

"Hey E - Will you have the cornerstone combos article again this year??? I sure hope so. I thought it was excellent last year." --John M.

9) TRACK RECORD: We Play in Official Competitions and Win

Have you heard of the National Fantasy Basketball Championship (NFBKC)? It's organized by the same people who run the $100,000 Football and Baseball competitions, and is the industry's only official high-stakes fantasy basketball championship.

Over the years, RotoEvil has DOMINATED The NFBKC, taking home over $28,000 in prize money in BOTH the 2012-13 and 2010-11 seasons. This places us 1st overall on the NFBKC's Career Earnings List with $70,750 in fantasy basketball league earnings, over $41K more than the 2nd place guy!

And when we personally don't win big, it's almost always our RotoE subscribers taking home the big prizes. For example, in the 2013-14 NFBKC Main Event contest, RotoEvil subscribers finished in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th place overall (out of 72 teams).

Furthermore, since the 2009-10 season to present, between 20% to 40% of NFBKC prize winners have been RotoE subscribers every single year! Quite simply, some of the very best fantasy players recognize that RotoE gives them a major advantage.

Now ask yourself: How many fantasy basketball "experts" from other sites play in leagues like the NFBKC? How many of them put their skills and strategies to the test in national contests? The answer: very few. Follow-up question: WHY IS THAT?

Over the past 6 years, I personally have profited over $55,000 from playing fantasy basketball. In addition to winning regular 12 team leagues, I've also won daily, weekly, and monthly national contests. In fact, you can see more of my money-making exploits here and here and here and here. But I don't play fantasy sports to beat up on other less knowledgeable owners who don't pay attention. I play fantasy sports to compete against the best competition available, and to prove that I'm still on top of my game. That's why I'm up for any challenge, and would love it if more fantasy hoops "experts" were willing to step up.

"Thanks for another great year of work, Evil E. I finished 1st and 2nd in my 2 money leagues. Most of your bold rankings came through for me. For my money, you're the best fantasy bball guy on the planet. Thanks again. Already looking forward to next year's draft guide." --SabermetricsGuy

"Hi Eric, I love your site. You are extremely knowledgeable and very insightful when it comes to fantasy basketball, and your sense of humor really fits everything together nicely and makes reading the analysis fun. You put other fantasy insiders to shame - I have not encountered another site with intelligence as good as yours, period." --Ben B.

10) CONTINUED SUPPORT: In-Season Analysis & Recommendations

After we help you draft a badass team, we want to ensure that your team finishes in the money and has a great shot at winning it all. So whenever you have a question about a player pickup or a potential trade, just drop us an email or post in our private VIP Community and we'll reply as soon as possible.

During the season, we also continue to provide you with updated player rankings, with a sharp focus on helping you make key trades that should benefit you the rest of the way. If you get a trade offer or need some roster help, just make a post in our members only forum, and you'll get sound advice from fellow fantasy hoops fanatics right away. Even if you draft a dominant team, you still must MANAGE IT EFFECTIVELY over a marathon season to ensure that you win your league.

"Your in season work is extremely valuable to me.?strong>I've signed up with other services before (HoopsKlyce, Rotoworld, etc.), but I find yours to be the best. You portray the information in a way that is very useful and easy to work with and manipulate.?I can't stand going to sites where it takes forever to find what I'm looking for IF it's even there.?I will continue to buy your services for as long as you keep putting them out there." --Adam C.

"In six leagues I had three 1st place finishes, and I was actually really close to FIVE 1st place finishes. I owe a lot to your weekly suggestions and to your guide and forums. I am really glad I found this site during the offseason because I have confidence that even if I don't have the time or desire to plow through news about all the NBA teams, that you will do a very  thorough job and I can rely on your analysis.

I have been playing fantasy hoops for nearly 15 years now and my interest often waxes and wanes, but having this site around kept me interested and into it all season long. I certainly hope that you keep RotoEvil going and I'll definitely be a return draft guide customer."
--Eric J.

11) SERIOUS SCRILLA: We Help People Win Money

While the competition and camaraderie of fantasy sports is fun, we play to win serious prize money, and we encourage our customers to do the same. That's why RotoEvil doesn't cater to 14-year olds who play in free Yahoo leagues. Instead, our clientele includes CEOs, financial analysts, lawyers, college professors, and the like. The common thread is that we're all die-hard fantasy hoops fans, and most of us play for more than just pride.

It's all about your mentality. Most people view fantasy league "entry fees" and fantasy "draft guides" as expenses. Here at RotoEvil, we view entry fees simply as deposits for much greater rewards that we're going to get back at the end of the season, and our customers view a subscription to our service as an invaluable tool that will reap them rewards and easily pay for itself.

"Thanks for all the help this year. Thanks to this website, I am taking 1st in my 20 team money league. Enough cash for a trip to a nice sunny beach for me and the wife (which I had to promise to her several months ago so that she would enjoy fantasy basketball). In the semifinals I actually won 9-0.

I feel like your site was worth way more than what I paid for it. As selfish as this is, my only hope is that none of my friends find this site."

"Now I must say I did have better luck with injuries this year than usual and that having Durant on your team was like having Jesus on your side, but your info was definitely the key factor to my success this year.

BTW, I should mention you were the only person I read 8 months ago saying that Durant could finish higher than Lebron because of his elite FT%. And here we are 8 months later and you're 110% correct as Durant was easily the #1 fantasy player. I'm sure some other fantasy writers would have laughed at that statement, but I trusted you and was rewarded with 1st place, respect, and moola.

In the end, I made $150 and easily covered the cost of a RotoEvil subscription for this year and next year, and still have some cash left over. Simply put, your site is the best fantasy NBA information that money can buy."

12) GLOWING TESTIMONIALS: Lots and Lots of Satisfied Customers

For hundreds of fantasy basketball fanatics, RotoEvil is their best-kept secret. Click here for more Testimonials.

Enjoy the 2014-15 NBA season!


Eric Wong AKA RotoE

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